CMS that works for you… not the other way round. User friendly experiences are always key, so we make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable with the way things work – and more importantly that you are comfortable using it! It’s well known that keeping your content fresh, scheduling posts, and uploading downloadable eBooks is essential in the market place today – we just make it easy for you...



Speed, usability, behind-the-scenes functionality, and better online performance means better business all round. One size does not fit all… which is why every web development project we undertake is tailor-made and unique – structured to suit you and your business. Whether you have an existing site already up and running and need customisations / extra functionality or want to build a new website from scratch, we have the experience and know-how to meet your desires.


Though business models and attitudes can change with the fashions of the time, it’s written into our principles to ensure that web applications are easily adaptable to grow with your business. This means being honest and upfront from the start on how to set up all systems. From the word go, we’ll analyse your specifications and requirements in order to prepare for eventualities that even you may not imagine!


We combine user experience planning with bespoke designs in order to gain a strong focus on making the users' journey an effortless and intuitive task. Our fluid design process begins with mapping out the user flow. We plan applications using visual wireframes; ensuring functionality isn’t clouded by design.


Developing with WordPress means that we can make the basis of operations malleable so that another developer can take over. This in turn gives you more confidence for long term progress. On the flip side, Web Studio Lab have been approached to take over websites that were run by amateurs, that left their clients with a project that had to be scrapped. We believe in making things transparent for all.

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.Thanking you for all your caring hard work and getting us to launch the website
.Mark .A - .Hadassah UK
.Dani goes beyond the call of duty to have got us where we are today .It makes all the difference
.Prosper .B - Creme de la Creme
.The only team we turn to for our design and website needs .Always providing us with great results - driven towards our success
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.Always available to guide us with updating and editing the website .We much appreciate the creation of a system that the less tech savvy can use
.Joseph .C - Joseph Cohen Antiques
.We got the company off the ground in conjunction with the website .Which was only possible with the devotion and commitment we received
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Sometimes we think we can do it ourselves... and maybe we can. But why should you step away from the real business of your business and get involved in something that you are not experienced in. Web Studio Lab has a passion for helping the small and medium sized businesses to get more panache for their buck. We have at our disposal a rich gamut of links to photo imagery, video animation production, music and infographics to name a few... Make the most of it and drop us a line!