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The electronic vaping sensation taking over the fashion status of the youth today is a huge multimillion pound industry. This small boutique outfit wanted a slick and presentable website that was eye-catching and easy to use. Everything that makes people shop online needs to be a pleasure to go experience...


Industry: Vaping, E-cigs
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Mobile friendly


Approached: Aug '17
Completed: Sept '17

"A social vaping experience"


Redesigning from the previous layout features meant rethinking and imagining what the target audience wants and uses readily. The new vision would have to include the clean - white - look and feel, with easy scrolling sensations.


Not only did the feel of the site need a revamp, the backend for processing order for the management team was also streamlined. Such technical developments were appreciated since this ultimately saves the clients time and increases efficiency.