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Harley Lippman


Without any online presence, the project entailed collecting data and information from scattered sources, so that there would be one place to distribute the philanthropic work that the client has done. The culmination of which which resulted in some static and dynamic features to emphasise the contributions made to the different causes.


Industry: Philanthropy
Location: New York, USA


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Dynamic elements
Unified source of info


Approached: Jul '23
Completed: Oct '23

"Intersection of Policy, Security and Technology..."


A progressive approach was called for in order to design a distinguished and elegant theme throughout the site. Integrating an edge to the designs and framework for the purpose of impacting on viewers exemplified this.


Focus on the dynamic elements was introduced to ensure that every page and every scroll enhanced the user experience. We wanted to keep the reader engaged throughout so the information was conveyed appropriately.