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This is a tech startup with an incredible idea of how to bring modular design to the public in a way that people can afford to build, renovate and create their dream home. As popularity grows, the construction industry needs a viable solution to the marketplace for various aspects of the trade. This is where Imaginehaus want to be.


Industry: Construction
Location: Brigthon, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Data capture
Effective thoughts


Approached: Mar '19
Completed: Oct '19

Online marketplace for residential construction


The client needed a simple strategy to kick start the campaign in driving awareness for and getting investment to the project. This meant a content driven creation with explanatory video as well as niche images.


The layout and user interface was kept clean and sophisticated for engaging various members of the construction industry. The site needed to gain traction by way of wanting the users to find out more and be part of the developments.