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Nelly Sugar


For any photographers' portfolio the most essentail visual effects are necessary to show off their skills and eye catching imagery. This project is no different as we make sure that the images take the centre stage. As the development process continues and a learning curve spreads through the various categories and specialities - there is space to manoeuvre on the site.


Industry: Photography
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online




Approached: Mar' '18
Completed: Apr '18

"A passion through the lenses"


What makes one photographer stand out is their emotional connection to the art that they see around in life. Nelly is so committed to this that it makes it easy to portray her energy and enthusiasm in the layout and features.


The future thinking progression was essentail in ensuring that as experience progresses the website is flexible to expand. This will include the facilities that every photographer needs - be it proofing or password protected pages.