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Sargasso Recording Studio


Very much not the norm - Sargasso is a diverse gathering of artists that explore the realms of music generally untouched. Always being innovative in their world the brand name is synonymous with pushing the bounds in varying degrees. An interesting project that needed to combine the eclectic feel of its adventurous music, with the serious side of consultancy - with a wealth of experienced gained from years in the industry.


Industry: Recording Label
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Neat eccentricity
eCommerce features


Approached: Apr '18
Completed: Jun '18

"Adventures in the sea of sound"


The company has a very unique audience which gifts designers and developers a challenge like no other - therefore close collaboration with the client was necessary throughout the project to unhinge the presence that was necessary.


Porting data from the old site and incorporating into the new was delivered; alongside the explorations for adding reaction-able videos and other elements with seamlessly work to the users attention.