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The Mindful Consultant


My mission is to bring awareness to your workplace. This can help you identify the stressors on your business and on your workforce, and that can enable effective planning and implementation of strategies for relieving these stressors.


Industry: Counselling
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Corporate Incentive
Building Relationships


Approached: Feb '17
Completed: Apr '17

"Unleash your hidden potential"



Actively being involved with one’s life requires conscious engagement with the content of experience. The task was to bring this engagement through the user-experience on the site. The most interactive form of decision making is the call to action.


Bringing together the real personality into the digital reference points for a swift purview of the site. A simple movement through each page as well as from screen to screen was essential in showing the vitality of the courses available and nature of the business.