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Weissbart Diamonds


The team at S Weissbart needed a modern yet trustworthy website for customers, whilst also with a fully-fledged custom behind-the-scenes experience too. Administrators require an easy set up and maintenance of the various users coming through the site – so a unique perspective was taken in developing this for them.


Industry: Jewellery & Fashion
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Trustworthy feel
Order integration


Approached: Nov '17
Completed: Jan '18

"Providing diamonds to the trade…"


A special thought processes were needed to relay the design and development of the site targeting those from the trade. Relevance to some common design practices were to be superseded with the regular trade expectations.


Building on blocks and foundations that others are industry standard creates a good base but also a useful tool to make things more intuitive to the end user. Mind maps of the routing of many aspects were necessary to achieve the results.