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Yarona Pinhas


The world of self development and personal growth is affluent with characters that create a program for students and participants that enrich their lives. As such a diversified and encouraging clientele want access to lively and spirited personality which permeates onto the desktop screen to! This is where Web Studio Lab came in ...


Industry: Life Coach
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Bright feel
Promoting well being


Approached: Nov '20
Completed: Jan '21

"Saggezza velata vivere l'interiorità"


Life coaching is a revitalising aspect in people's lives and therefore this development needed to project that empowering influence upon visitors to the site. Where they can learn more about the visionary person, as well as their credentials and work.


With various technical requirements dictated by the flow of the project meant that some things would need to be implemented in stages as the website progressed through iterations. This also allowed for visitors to gain an experience without having to wait for the full bells and whistles.