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GK & Co

.GK & CO

Bringing the traditional accounting practice into the 21st century with a slick new look and design to attract the young professionals and small businesses. The group were clear in their vision to have a dominating strategy that would pervade into the community before expanding onto a bigger scale.


Industry: Accountancy
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Professional and striking
Fluent in services


Approached: Sept '19
Completed: Nov '19

Making finance simple


In simple terms the client wanted to make accounting look more interesting than is the customary approach people believe exists within the framework. This meant showing off expertise in a bold colourful way.


Linking various service sections to tabs and icons helped in drawing the users attention to getting more information that is specific to them quicker. The light in the images enhanced the friendly atmosphere that runs in the office.