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Kesher Community


With all community and charity projects there is a definitive guide as provided by the ethos of the leaders. We were very fortunate that the forward thinking minister of the community gave a free range of creative input in order to take the online presence to a new and improved level. Something that is eye-catching, easy to use, and importantly contain layers of information for the inquisitive minds.


Industry: Communal Services
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Layers of information
Ease of use


Approached: May '18
Completed: Aug '18

"The Learning Connection"


There were a myriad of intense perceptions that needed to be addressed and dealt with. Incorporating various elements in order to allow all members of the community to participate and interact with the site was a complimentary challenge.


Combining some clever integrations into the site enables users to find relevant data instantly as well as donate on the platform in various levels. The navigation was simplified for seamless transitions between categories.