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Dr Cost


Providing a great service to clients is on the top of the list for the team at Dr Cost. They wanted their website - their online business card to represent that too. A new look for a fresh modern feel was part of the specifications in moving forward with this.


Industry: Utilities
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Redesign
Status: Live and Online


Refreshing design
Call to action


Approached: Feb '19
Completed: Apr '19

"Cost reduction experts"


Using the existing brand guidelines and theme palette, the client wanted a redesign that incorporated the sense of speciality of the service. Whether considered cheesy or a play on words, Dr Cost is here to diagnose and save you money.


Production was put in place given the site structure and emphasis placed on the call to action. Since most visitors will have been directed to the site after an introduction to the team this was the next portal to get them to make contact.