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LanCar Consulting


After years in the industry the small group wanted to divert attention towards a consulting approach. In order to assist others in the field get the best deals in procurement and delivery to the UK. We needed to convey this form of leadership from the grassroots to the management decisions so that clients can have confidence in the process.


Industry: Consulting
Location: London, UK


Requirements: Website Design
Status: Live and Online


Call to action
Assured quality


Approached: Jun '21
Completed: Aug '21

Top Assistance in Procurement and Delivery


After evaluating the requirements a focus and appreciation for Apple products was intensified with the fine, elegant results. Although a static site, the is plenty of room for expansion in the portfolio when necessary.


The ease of use for navigation across the site is enhanced by the flow of movement of the eye on certain pages. A gravity for compartmentalised functions makes for good use.